Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Male Talent!

salam guys..

I was told by Mr.Director (Waysen) ,he has several clip to be shoot..and he need the pic of the talent first, in order to him to suit the model with the clip..so i only got the male talent, and yet still searching for the female talent...

The above pic's is the male talent

Brief Biodata.

21 years Old
Data Entry Operation Unisys

Guys what is your opinion about Merul??

In 1 to 10 scale, i personally put Merul in my 9 scale...

Little bit shock when i see who visit me...i got visited by ppl from Madrid, Pingtung Tai-wan, New York, Toulouse, Midi-Pyrenees , Greensboro, North Carolina, Kingston, Ontario , Delhi, Sugar Land, Texas.... sure or not guys???...i only do manifesting (data entry) some of this country but never spread my blog url...huhuhu...no wonder world without borderless..